Auto Injury in Ventura

Chiropractic Ventura CA Auto Injuries

The screeching tires, the crumpling fenders, and the sickening impact were bad enough. But now, your body suffers the consequences of that momentary unfortunate accident.

The effect on the human body after a traffic accident in Ventura, which occurs every year in the country, can be a severe threat to your health.

The delicate and intricate structures of your nervous system (your spinal cord and spinal nerves) are protected from injury by the boney spinal column. However, the impact from another car hitting your often causes a serious injury to your nervous system called a “vertebral subluxation”

A vertebral subluxation is when one of the spinal bones (vertebras) is misaligned from an accident, injury, or stress. The misaligned vertebra causes pressure on the delicate spinal nerve that exits from the spinal cord; leading to pain, muscular spasms, and loss of function.

Chiropractic Adjustment for Automotive Accident Injuries in Ventura

At the Ventura Spinal Care Center, we use the Pro-Adjuster to correct vertebral subluxations. The Pro-Adjuster is a computerized spinal adjusting system. This system delivers a specific, yet, gentle, tapping adjustment which re-aligns your spine without any twisting, cracking or popping.

Now you can correct the “vertebral subluxations” which can occur from automobile accidents safely, effectively and painlessly.

If you are suffering from pain from an automobile accident, do not wait very long to be checked for vertebral subluxations. Call us now at (805) 648-7987 and ask for the Internet New Patient Special. You will receive a full examination to determine how we can best help you and return you to a pain-free life!


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