Neuropathy Treatment Can Be Difficult For Some In Ventura

Neuropathy treatment can be difficult for some in Ventura?

Chiropractic Ventura CA Neuropathy Can Be Difficult For Some People

An understandable question that we get in the clinic day after day is “Why is Neuropathy treatment so difficult?”

Neuropathy treatment in Ventura can be difficult for some because Neuropathy is usually caused by more than one condition!

Neuropathy Treatment in Ventura

In fact, after helping hundreds of patients (over the last 30+ years) suffering from this debilitating disorder, I believe that about 50% of the idiopathic neuropathies (when your medical doctor says “I am not 100% sure what’s causing it) is due to METABOLIC SYNDROME!

Metabolic Syndrome is now so common and occurring in younger and younger ages that it could be the most devastating health condition that we as a society must face head-on!

Excess carbohydrates and sugar consumption along with decreasing physical activity is having a huge impact on society as a whole. And too often otherwise smart physicians ignore this as a possible cause of the patient’s underlying health conditions!

In fact, everything from neuropathy to heart disease can directly be related to metabolic syndrome.

Our office focuses on reverse-engineering metabolic syndrome so that you can live a long, healthy quality life in style; rather than a slow, long, excruciating slide downwards. If metabolic syndrome is what is causing your symptoms, then this is the first step to ridding yourself of foot pain and burning, pins and needles, numbness in your feet and hands.

If you would like to discuss your neuropathy symptoms and how we could possibly help you reverse-engineer this devasting condition, so that you don’t have to continue to take toxic medications that do nothing to reverse or improve your conditions, then call us at (805) 648-7987.

We are here for you!
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