Sports Injuries in Ventura?

Chiropractic Ventura CA Sports Injuries

Since 1982, Dr. Alff has treated athletes from nearly all sports and all age groups. Of course, many of those injured athletes had back injuries, but many of them also had injuries to other parts of the body. Some of these injuries include injuries to the feet, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows or wrists.

In most sports injuries in Ventura, the impact which caused the injury in the first place also causes a misalignment (subluxation) of the damaged joint. Any treatment that is given for an athletic injury that does not re-align this misaligned joint will not give the athlete his or her best chance of recovery.

Sports Injury Treatment in Ventura

At the Ventura Spinal Care Center, we do not perform any spinal or osseous (bone) adjustments with any cracking, popping, twisting or turning of the body. Instead, we use the computerized “pro-adjuster” spinal adjusting system.

In addition, we have “cold laser” and luminous “light” therapy as well as electrical muscle stimulation and “core strengthening” with the ATM-2.

Athletes of all ages….get back in the game with safe and effective treatment from the Ventura Spinal Care Center! Call (805) 648-7987.


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