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Chiropractic Ventura CA Roger Porter Oxnard Testimonial"I came to the Ventura Spinal Care Center because I was suffering from low back pain that was radiating down my left leg for 3 years! I had tried medications, physical therapy, spinal injections…but all the results were temporary. I was at the point that only surgery was left. But I knew I would try anything before surgery! After the first 3 or 4 decompression treatments, I could tell I was “better” in the mornings. Most of all “I could move again!” I feel so much better. I am happy that I have found something that works! I would rate the quality of care at the Ventura Spinal Care Center to be a 10 out of 10!"

- Roger J. Porter 

Chiropractic Ventura CA Carmen Buffett Testimonial"I started coming to see Dr. Alff because I had a lot of pain in my lower back area and was also suffering from vertigo. My symptoms were caused by an auto accident which took place over 20 years ago! So I have been living with pain, and in pain, for a very long time.

My daughter introduced me to Dr. Alff and I am very grateful, because since I have been under Dr. Alff’s care I am feeling so much better….the pain has gone away and the vertigo also has diminished.

More than once I came into Dr. Alff’s office with pain and I was able to walk without pain, after being treated by Dr. Alff. It seems like a miracle, but I am telling you the truth as I have experienced it myself!

Definitely I strongly recommend Dr. Alff and his Staff. Everyone who works at Dr. Alff’s office are kind, considerate, and very respectful. I am grateful first to God and then to Dr. Alff and his wonderful staff."

- Carmen Buffett



Chiropractic Ventura CA C. Wearing Testimonial"No one really learns to live with pain. Pain tarnishes the joy of the simple pleasure of every day. Before I committed to Dr. Alff’s program, my quality of life was compromised. I felt I was on a downhill spiral.

Peripheral Neuropathy seemed to be a non-treatable diagnosis with the doctors that I had seen in an effort to find a solution.

When sitting, standing, and walking, I experienced very uncomfortable numbness in both feet and ankles. When I moved from sitting to standing, I felt an intense pain in my hips and lower back. It was difficult to take the first step! In addition, my back pain made it difficult to turn over in bed. And I had intermittent tingling in both hands.

It is funny if I hadn’t made a list, I think that I wouldn’t have remembered how much pain I had. Because today, just after 8 weeks, my back pain is virtually an occasional tinge. My hip pain while walking is gone. I can roll over on my bed without struggling. The numbness in my feet and ankles has improved immensely. My toes are much more flexible when walking. And last not least, I am eating a nutritious and enriched diet with weight loss goals.

I must admit, I was skeptical when I started, but I am so thankful I chose this path to a better life! Again, thank you Dr. Alff.

You have definitely made a difference in the quality of my life!"

- C. Wearing


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