Chiropractic Patient Testimonials

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"I’ve been a dance instructor and performer for more than 20 years.  When my knees, hip, back, and foot started bothering me so bad, I had to consider looking for another occupation.  I was very distressed!

One of my students referred me to Dr. Alff.  After several visits my knees feel like they are in the right place and my posture has improved and so has my sense of well-being.

It has been a blessing to find Dr. Alff…I have a new lease on life!"

- Jackie Warner Ringhof

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"My health condition was not all that great.  Every morning I would start by getting up and feeling like I had already put in an eight-hour day.  All my muscles would hurt.  My kids said that I reacted and walked like a person twice my age.

Of course, whenever I saw my doctor, I would never complain about the pain I felt every morning.  I just thought that’s how a forty seven year old should feel.  At one time I was given Ibuprofen 800mg each, to take for the aches and pains.  I don’t like to take medication so I didn’t take the pills.

I have never taken off from work because of my aches and pains.  As a matter of fact, even if I was sick, I would still go to work, it was only when I felt really bad at work that I would take off for one to four hours.

Since my first treatment with Dr. Alff, my health has been restored.  I feel so much better.  I wake up in the morning with energy.  My aches and pains are gone.  During my first visit with Dr. Alff, my neck and back muscles were so tight.  He adjusted my back.  Since that first day, I always walk out of his office with so much energy and feeling so alive.  I have felt this way since my first adjustment.

By the way, that was the first time I have ever been by a Chiropractor. I would recommend Dr. Alff to anyone.  The main thing is to go.  Who knows you just might start feeling the way I do, the way you were meant to feel, GREAT!"

- Ricardo Cruz

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"When I first came to see Dr. Alff, I was experiencing shooting pains down my leg when walking, pain in my lower back and bad sinus problems.   I was taking an anti-depressant, which gave me very low energy.

 Since I have started receiving Chiropractic care, I have much more enthusiasm for my daily activities and more mental clarity.  My sinus condition has improved, the pains have definitely lessened in my leg and lower back, and I have relief from headache and insomnia.  I have more energy!  I give the quality of care at this office a 10!

Thanks Dr. Alff!"

- Susan Molnar

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"Several months ago I began experiencing pain in my left shoulder, and neck, and headaches upon waking in the morning.  These symptoms got worse and in addition fatigue and lethargy set in.  I began taking pain relievers but realized they would only be a temporary “fix”.

I thought about chiropractic because I felt the traditional medical route wouldn’t be productive.  However, over the years I had been skeptical of chiropractic wondering if the patient could become “dependent”.  I really didn’t understand how it worked and was somewhat apprehensive about getting my bones “cracked”.

After hearing of my symptoms, a friend recommended Dr. Alff, saying she’d experienced excellent results and that he used the “proadjuster” for adjustments.  So, with an open but “questioning” mind I showed up for an initial exam – i.e., I’d give this a shot.  I certainly didn’t want to take pills and/or have surgery.

Before the exam, Dr. Alff gave a thorough explanation of the terms and procedures, showing me pictures and models, including the Pro-adjuster. After the x-ray and exam, he reviewed the results thoroughly.  I began to understand the connection between misalignments and some disc deterioration in my spine and all the symptoms I was having.  I was somewhat skeptical of the Pro-adjuster but I really didn’t like manual adjustments.

So, I began an intensive corrective program – getting adjustments 3 times a week and using the Vivatek Table.  That was 3 months ago.  Today, I feel more energy and my fatigue, pain, and listlessness are gone and no more pounding headaches in the morning!  I plan to continue with a regular maintenance program.  I’m glad I took the “risk”.  It’s been a great investment!  I can move my head more easily from side to side."

- Suzanne Freddie

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"I came to Dr. Alff because of pain in my shoulders and because of some pain in my legs.

Since seeing Dr. Alff, I have enjoyed an improvement in my pain level…I have very little pain now!

I am enjoying more movement, walking easily and feeling very comfortable.

Thank you!"

- Carol Walker, Oak Park

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"Prior to seeing Dr. Alff, I was experiencing a lot of hand pain…it was moderate to severe at a time with tingling and numbness in both hands and wrists.

My medical doctor had given me splints to wear at night and told me to take mild pain medication to help cut some of the pain.  However, the splints and Aspirin only gave me temporary relief but didn’t correct the problem.

I contacted Dr. Alff after receiving a report about how he has helped other carpal tunnel sufferers.

I cannot believe the changes in my condition since being under care with Dr. Alff.  All the symptoms – the pain, numbness, tingling, and aching has been significantly reduced.  I actually have feeling now in my fingers and hands!  I also can grip with my hand again and my sensitivity to touch is greatly improved.

I encourage anyone suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome to contact Dr. Alff right away and let him help you!  I am very satisfied with my improvement."

- Charles Mitchell

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"I just wanted to say “thank you”.  Before I contacted your office, I was experiencing constant lower back pain.  I wasn’t able to do simple, everyday tasks. I was depressed and had lost hope in ever fixing my back. I had tried other chiropractors, magnesium, Epsom salt baths, muscle relaxers. Nothing seemed to make it better!

Since being under treatment with Dr. Alff, I don’t wake up in pain everyday!  I don’t feel like I have to compensate for my back pain.  I no longer twist in the doorway to stretch my back hoping that will stretch the pain away.  I’m happier and able to do things I couldn’t do for so long!

Others should know that Chiropractic care can change your whole life, not just alleviating the pain, but restoring your spirit and giving you hope. I rate the quality of care to be a 10 out of 10.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy days to talk to me and help me get the treatment and answers I needed to feel better.  It has meant so much to me.  You have given me hope where there was none. I am grateful to have you in my life.  Thank you for being such a joy."

- Christine Weber, Ventura

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"I consulted with Dr. Alff, D.C. of the Ventura Spine and Nerve Center because I saw first-hand how he helped my friend heal her low back condition.

I had been suffering with hip and thigh pain for 10 years!  The pain would start at my hip and then radiate down my thigh.  I tried taking arthritis medication but that was not doing anything!  I was at the point where I was considering surgery because my hip was so sore and very achy - all the time!  I knew I couldn't live like this for the rest of my life!

But I consulted with Dr. Alff and he felt that he could help me avoid surgery.  I started treatment and I cannot believe how I feel now - within just a few weeks!  Besides his treatments, he has taught me about better eating with non-inflammatory foods.  Along with the chiropractic adjustments, I believe that this has been one of the keys to my feeling better!

I now have more energy, but the best thing is that my thigh does not ache all day long!  My pain level was a 10 when I started treatment and now it is a 1!

Dr. Alff, you are an educated, passionate healer and I thank you!"

- Dawn Hildebrand,  Ventura

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"Before coming to see Dr. Alff, I had muscle and body pain so severe I could not sleep at all most nights.  Getting in and out of the car was extremely difficult for me.  I ate Ibuprofen like candy.  Every night I took large doses of sleeping pills just to go to sleep.

Since I have been getting adjustments on my spine from Dr. Alff, the muscle and body pain has gone away; I don’t even know the pain now.

I feel so much better – I am encouraged, happy, active.  My wife is happy because now I help her clean the house.  Definitely, this care has made a huge different to me.

I really did not want to see an M.D, because I did not want to live on prescription drugs the rest of my life or have a surgery.  I am really happy to have found this as an alternative.

I recommend Dr. Alff to everyone!"

- Gordon Dunham, Ventura

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"Hi my name is Kelly Hauptman.  Before coming to Dr. Alff I was not in good shape.  I had real back problems, and I also had neck and allergy problems.  So my Mom would take me to different Chiropractors but they didn’t help.

Then one Sunday we went to the Home and Garden Show and saw Dr. Alff was checking people’s backs for weak areas.  So I went over and tried it out.  It turned out my neck and back were really messed up.

Dr. Alff then decided to give me an appointment card to get some x-rays done at his office.  We went and the x-rays showed my back had real bad subluxations. Because of this my Mom and I began to see Dr. Alff on a regular basis.

We feel so much better thanks to Dr. Alff! I love getting adjusted and using the therapy (Vivatek) table. And I love Dr. Alff’s staff. They are so nice and make you feel very comfortable.  Dr. Alff has made my Mom and I both so much better.  Before she came to Dr. Alff she could barely walk through their door, let alone take me shopping.

Thank you Dr. Alff!.  You’ve given me my energy back (which is very important for a teenager like myself).  Most of all thank you for helping my mom so much.  She now takes me to the mall at least 2 times a week!  Dr. Alff, you Rock!!!"

- Kelly Hauptman

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"I came to see Dr. Alff because I was having numerous pains: left and right shoulder pain, low back pain with right sciatica/leg pain and pain in my left foot. I was having trouble walking, bending and lifting.

By working with Dr. Alff, I am pain-free, sleeping better and able to walk without pain! But best of all, I don't have to take all the medications I was taking before! the commercials say,"Larry Parker got me 1.2 million dollars"....Dr. Alff gave me my quality of life back, which is worth millions to me!"

- Leon Holiday, Santa Paula

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"While carrying a heavy bucket up a hill, I was aware of “straining” my back.  I thought with a little rest it would be fine.  I was wrong.  The next day I couldn’t walk, sit, bend over, or lie down with out extreme pain.  Pain relievers (aspirin, etc.) did not help.

I had never received treatment for any of the above, and had never had back pain or “back trouble” before.  Dr. Alff had helped my husband when he had some arm and neck problems.

After the first visit with Dr. Alff I began to gain relief.  I have no “back trouble” at this time.  I continue to come in on a maintenance level to keep everything “all lined up”, so as to never experience the above problem again.

Thank you Dr. Alff!"

- Margery Nelson, Ventura

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"I contacted Dr. Alff because I couldn’t walk due to right leg pain and low back pain.  Also, I had arm pain and numb and burning hands.

Since receiving adjustments and spinal decompression treatments from Dr. Alff, my low back pain, leg pain and arm pain is much improved now!

I have also lost a lot of weight since starting with Dr. Alff.

I am much improved!"

- Maria Acevedo, Oxnard

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"I was suffering with lower back pain, fatigue and insomnia prior to receiving Chiropractic care with Dr. Alff.

I tried taking medications for six years, with no improvement.  Since I started receiving Chiropractic care, I no longer have lower back pain.  I also have increased energy, I have lost weight, and I am sleeping much better!

Chiropractic has impacted my life for the better because I have more energy now and so I can exercise.  I have received the benefit of better health in general.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the quality of care at Dr. Alff’s office to be a 10 – the best!"

- M.H., Ventura

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"I came to Dr. Alff because I had PAIN… excruciating pain in both hips down to the knee.

I couldn’t work, couldn’t sleep and there was no position that I could stand without pain…and there was REAL pain!

After just 3 weeks of spinal adjustments and therapy from Dr. Alff, I can work and sleep now with no pain!

Life is good…very, very good now!"

- Marianne Barton, Ventura

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"I contacted Ventura Chiropractor Dr. Alff because I have had 4 back surgeries and have been in constant pain since the early 1980's.

I followed his suggestions and received some spinal adjustments along with some therapy.  As I write this, it is the first time since the 1980's that I haven't had any pain in my back! I think it's a miracle!

I am so glad that I can now ride my Harley motorcycle (her name is Ruby), because I want to spend as much time as I can riding her in the future!

Thanks Dr. Alff!"

- Millie Arnold

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"I first contacted Dr. Alff because I was feeling really crummy.  Everything hurt!

Dr. Alff talked with me and did a full consultation, tests, and X-rays…I was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to help me.

But he told me he could help me and I started a series of pro-adjuster chiropractic adjustments along with oxygen therapy and other therapies.

After a couple of weeks, I didn’t think it was going to help me.  But then, all of a sudden, I noticed I wasn’t hurting anymore!

I now have completed my 3 month program and I feel really, really great and I am really, really happy! I no longer feel like throwing myself off a cliff or running myself over with a car!

Dr. Alff has been very patient with me and very helpful and I thank you all very much!"

- Pat Fine

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"When I first came to the Ventura Spinal Care Center I was suffering with severe pain in my neck. It was difficult to turn my head or get any sleep at night. But since receiving treatment with Dr. Alff and his staff, I am now able to turn my head and get the sleep I need!

Now that I am feeling so much better, I am going to be walking in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk this fall (A 39 mile walk!).  I don't think I would have been able to take on this challenge without the chiropractic care I received at the Ventura Spinal Care Center."

 - Patricia Peterson

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"Right before I had a hip surgically replaced, I was injured in an automobile accident.

After the hip surgery, I had severe pain in my leg and I couldn't walk!  It is SO painful!

I had 2 cortisone shots and 24 physical therapy sessions but I was STILL in pain!

So, I came to see Dr. Alff!  After 2 weeks of chiropractic treatment, I was able to walk without pain, able to get out of a chair and not hold on for support!

I would say it's a miracle!"

- Tesi Wong, Ventura

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"I consulted with Dr. Alff because I was suffering with low back pain for 8 plus years.  My neighbors had told me about him and then I saw an ad in the newspaper.

I had already had a surgery on my back (fusion of L4-L5) and injections,,,that had helped my pain for awhile but then the pain returned.

I completed a series of spinal decompression treatments and my life has been changed for the better because I have more days with less pain!

On a scale of 1 to 10, the quality of care at the Ventura Spinal Care Center is a 10!"

- Richard Birney, Ventura

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"There is life without pain.   I was in such bad shape I knew I had to see someone.  I was referred to Dr. Alff.  I could hardly do anything.  I was having pain in the low back and neck.  I also was having numbing on my right side of my chest and middle of my back.

I had put these aches and pain aside for 2 years.  Just getting out of bed was a painful thing.  Dr. Alff saw me and started to work on not just my body my mind set too.  I worked his program and started to enjoy life.  I now am able to do all the things I like to do.  It’s wonderful.

Life is peachy.  I had a little of a relapse, but it turned out to be okay.  My back wanted to go back to the old way it was used to, but Dr. Alff fixed everything.  I believe in Chiropractic.  Dr. Alff has helped me so much.

Thank You!"

- Sheryl Kitchen

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"I contacted Chiropractor Dr. Alff of the Ventura Spine and Nerve Center because my friend told me to see him.   I was suffering with neck, knee and back pain and stiffness.  It didn’t allow me to stand and/or walk for very long. My back and knee pain kept getting worse as I aged, and I had been told that there is nothing that could be done, unless I had surgery.

Since being under the care of Dr. Alff, I have less pain and more mobility in my back, neck and knee.  I am able to stand and walk longer and it feels much stronger.  Actually, I have less pain and more movement in all areas.  I have more energy and a sense of better health.

Chiropractic care has allowed me to have less to no pain, I enjoy doing things more and I can do more things, so I feel better about myself.

None of the treatment Dr. Alff gave me was painful.  Each session made me feel better and better. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the quality of care at Dr. Alff’s office to be a 10!"

- Brenda Morris, Ventura

P.S.  It is hard to put into words what a positive process this is.  The Doctor and Staff are so kind, accommodating and pleased to work with and spend time with.  They are very concerned and caring about your well-being and health.  You always leave the office feeling better and more pain-free and looking forward to coming back.  I am so glad I came and continue to feel better and better!

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"Soy jardinero. E tenido muchos problemas con mi espalda y mi pierna – me dolian mucho.

Despues del tratamiento con el Doctor Alff me siento mejor.  Puedo caminar por mucho tiempo sin dolor.  Tengo menos dolor en la espalda.  Puedo dormir mejor, puedo bailar, caminar, correr, todo.

Me siento bien.  Les recomiendo el Doctor Alff."

- Benito Prado, Ventura

Chiropractic Ventura CA Spinal Decompression Patient Testimonial"I was suffering with pain in my lower back and my legs.  There were days when I was literally walking at a 90-degree angle; either leaning forward, or to the side.  I couldn’t sit up straight.  I was missing work because I was in pain all the time!

After an evaluation by Dr. Alff, I began treatments on the pro-adjuster, Vivatek and some light therapy.  After completing treatment, I am now sitting up straight, I can walk and I am not missing work!

Now, I am in no more pain and I am able now to spend time with friends and family.

I am virtually pain free and it’s all thanks to Dr. Alff.  The staff is great and it has really been an amazing experience."

Alexis Moe, Ventura

Chiropractic Ventura CA Carmen Buffett Testimonial"I started coming to see Dr. Alff because I had a lot of pain in my lower back area and was also suffering from vertigo. My symptoms were caused by an auto accident which took place over 20 years ago! So I have been living with pain, and in pain, for a very long time.

My daughter introduced me to Dr. Alff and I am very grateful, because since I have been under Dr. Alff’s care I am feeling so much better….the pain has gone away and the vertigo also has diminished.

More than once I came into Dr. Alff’s office with pain and I was able to walk without pain, after being treated by Dr. Alff. It seems like a miracle, but I am telling you the truth as I have experienced it myself!

Definitely I strongly recommend Dr. Alff and his Staff. Everyone who works at Dr. Alff’s office are kind, considerate, and very respectful. I am grateful first to God and then to Dr. Alff and his wonderful staff."

- Carmen Buffett


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