Meet Our Team

Chiropractor Ventura CA Dr. Steven Alff
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Steven Alff D.C.

Dr. Steven Alff was first introduced to natural healthcare by his Great Aunt, who was one of America’s first female Osteopathic doctors, and his Uncle who was a Doctor of Chiropractic. He was injured in high school while competing in a track and field event. The condition debilitated him to such a degree that he could no longer engage in any of the activities that he loved.

His parents took him to see his Chiropractor Uncle, because they were worried about the side-effects of medications and wanted to avoid a surgical intervention at such an early age.

The results not only transformed Dr. Alff’s health, but also set him on a new path for his future. He completed undergraduate studies at Long Beach State University with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. He then completed advanced studies in Adaptive Physical Education and procured a position as a Corrective Therapist at the Veteran’s Hospital in Long Beach and Sepulveda, CA.  He enjoyed working with the spinal-cord injured veterans and learned a lot about the nervous system. He also learned that masking health symptoms with addictive medication was not the solution to restoring health.

From there he went on to attend and graduate with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, but Dr. Alff’s education had just begun. He has completed many post-graduate courses and certifications in health, wellness, and technique related to natural healthcare and continues to do so regularly to stay current with the latest information and research. Most recently, he became Board-Certified in Neuropathy from the American School of Physical Medicine.
Dr. Alff has helped thousands of Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara County residents restore their health, naturally, since 1982. His outsides interests are standing up for health freedom of choice, the study of ancient civilizations, and helping to co-create a world that works better for everyone.

Chiropractic Ventura CA Susan Alff Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer

Susan Alff

Susan is Dr. Alff’s wife and is responsible with overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of our health center. She has been holding this position since 1983, while also raising their two children, Darren and Marissa, who are now grown adults and living in Utah and Colorado.

She handles all the business functions such as human resources, employee training, finances, systems and procedures, marketing, etc., so our Doctors can focus solely on assisting our patients’ healthcare needs. She makes sure the practice is running smoothly and efficiently and works hard to ensure that our Center is a place where our practice members can enjoy each of their visits.

While not running the Center, she loves to read, play with their dog Pippi, watch and listen to Broadway musicals, and spend time with friends and family.

Chiropractic Ventura CA Samantha Wharmby Case Success Manager
Case Success Manager

Samantha "Sam" Wharmby

When you meet Sam, you will note that she radiates joy as our Case Manager at the Ventura Spine and Nerve Center. She is largely responsible for extending the reach of our two amazing doctors. She is passionate about making sure each of our practice members are watched over and getting the absolute best possible care and support from our team.

At our Center, we exist solely for the wellbeing of our patients and in keeping with that, she provides hands-on guidance, coaching, and positive encouragement which are so essential in achieving success. Beyond that, educating our practice members is an integral part of our success in transforming the health of so many of our patrons, and she is a great health coach and mentor to them. Sam essentially “onboards” our new practice members and assists them in mastering therapies and new lifestyle practices which may be completely new to them. She becomes our patients’ health partner and makes herself available to our patrons to assist and support them in any way they need.


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