Wellness Care Is Important

Chiropractic Ventura CA Wellness Care

Our purpose at the Ventura Spinal Care Center is to help you avoid a risky, unnecessary surgery or a lifetime of taking toxic medications.

The best way to avoid ill health is to practice Wellness and Maintenance Care. Wellness care in Ventura means that you are doing all you can to assure that you’re functioning optimally mentally, physically, and chemically. You cannot be practicing true Wellness care unless you balance all areas of your life and health.

Everyone wants to practice Wellness these days. Yet, few people have even a basic understanding of what a healthy, well body should like or feel like.

What is health in Ventura?

First of all, what is health? Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “an organism that functions at 100%”.

The system that controls every function in your body and controls your health is your Nervous System. Do you want to experience Wellness? You must START with an optimally functioning nervous system. And the best way to assure that your nervous system functions properly (well/healthy) is with modern Chiropractic care.

The average adult has experienced over 7,000 minor bumps, slips and accidents between birth and the teenage years. These “incidents” cause injuries to your nervous system in the form of “vertebral subluxations” (a misalignment of a vertebra caused by an accident, injury, or stress).

The only way to correct the vertebral subluxation is with a chiropractic spinal adjustment. In our office, we utilize the “Pro-Adjuster” computerized spinal adjustment system. With the Pro-Adjuster, there is no twisting, cracking or popping of the spine. You can begin your Wellness care with safe, effective spinal adjustments delivered with the Pro-Adjuster instrument.

All other aspects of Wellness, such as diet, exercise, stress reduction, will also be addressed as you move closer to your Wellness goals.

If you are ready to get on the road to Wellness, call us at (805) 648-7987 to schedule your Internet New Patient Special consultation and examination. After we speak with you about your health goals, we will sit down and discuss how you can steer your life toward Wellness. Call now!


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