Would Thomas Edison Have Gone To a Chiropractor?

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Chiropractic Ventura CA Would Thomas Edison Go To A Chiropractor

Thomas Edison was the American inventor and businessman who developed many devices which greatly influenced life in the 20th century. He was the inventor of the light bulb, motion pictures, phonograph, and other electrical inventions.

He was easily one of the influential people in American history.

Throughout his long and productive life, Edison failed thousands of times, but he never quit pushing to the edge of where man had yet to go.

He never quit learning. He never quit becoming better. He took risks that others wouldn’t. He wasn’t afraid of doing what everyone else wasn’t doing, because he knew that if he could lead the way, others would follow.

With this in mind, is it any wonder that he discovered the wonderful things he found?

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What can we learn from Mr. Edison in terms of our health? Ask yourself, is your thinking stale and outdated, or are you continually learning?

Are you a trendsetter or a trend follower?

Are you constantly making your health better, or are you allowing it to slowly get worse?

Would Thomas Edison have gone to a chiropractor in Ventura?

Edison is famous for this statement:

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

This is almost an exact description of what I do as a chiropractor, so I’m confident that if Mr. Edison were alive today, he’d be under regular chiropractic care.

Just remember that prescription drugs often only treat symptoms. Most of the time they do nothing to improve your overall health and wellness.

If you take care of your physical body (spine included) and focus on keeping it as healthy as possible, and you take in the proper diet and nutrition, and you focus on prevention, you will be much healthier than you would be if you just popped pills and treated your symptoms.

Focus on your frame, focus on your diet, and focus on prevention.

Work on keeping yourself healthy instead of waiting until you already have a problem.

You’ll feel better.

Your quality of life will be better.

You’ll live longer.

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